Transparent Factories: Tolaga Bay Cashmere

We believe in transparency, our customers deserve the chance to know where our products are made and we pride ourselves on only using the best factories in the world. 

When choosing a factory we want to know how they treat their people, how they source their raw materials and how they create their products sustainably with the future in mind. 

From a remote area in New Zealand, Tolaga Bay Cashmere are quietly producing world class cashmere knitwear.

Tolaga Bay are the only vertical cashmere knitwear factory in New Zealand. For the last 35 years they have been raising and perfecting their own breed of cashmere goats to produce the perfect cashmere fibre. This fibre they then turn into yarn and finally use it to product an entirely New Zealand Made piece of knitwear. 

By raising their own cashmere goats, Tolaga Bay are able to have the ultimate control over their product. Using only the finest, longest and strongest staples of yarn, the knitwear they produce is second to none. Having their own farm means they can ensure their practices are animal friendly and sustainable. 

Their focus on creating an entirely New Zealand Made product is admirable, and the care and attention that goes into each piece of knitwear is clear. We love Tolaga Bays timeless designs and effortless styling - a piece of this knitwear will become a wardrobe staple in anyones closet. 

TBC V13 from Tolaga Bay Cashmere on Vimeo.