Cashmere In Summer

Cashmere is an extraordinary fibre. Not only is it one of the warmest fibres known to man, but it also can be used all year round, no matter the weather. Remember to leave your cashmere on your closet shelf when packing your winter coats and jumpers up for storage this year.  

Cashmere is known for its slim fit, unlike other warm fibres, which can be very bulky and pill easily; think of ugly, woollen Christmas sweaters. It's a comfortable, light and breezy wear. 

Cashmere is a pure and natural fibre which gives it very versatile properties. They can help you keep out of the cold by generating heat while maintaining your body's core temperature. It can maintain consistent body temperature, which allows our bodies to breathe under heat and feel snug in the cold. The thermally insulated fibres absorb your body's perspiration and then expel it, making us feel cool and dry all summer. 

Timeless and classic fashion can be worn in the appropriate outfit throughout the year. Our range provides these timeless and classic pieces that can work in the snow and sun. 

Our Travel Wraps are incredibly versatile. They can wrap around your neck for extra ski and snowboarding protection against the wet, cold snow, or wrap one delicately around your shoulders when sunbathing and walking along the beach as it can protect your skin whilst keeping you cool and dry.

At Ahipao, we provide colours that will both stand out in any weather and be subtle wear. With deep reds, happy yellows or mellow nudes, your cashmere accessory or garment will flatter any and every outfit you pair it with.

If you don't like wearing an item all year round, we suggest giving your cashmere a seasonal wash, as this can drastically spruce your garment and make it feel brand new.

If you'd like to learn how to safely wash your cashmere, click here to go to our how-to guide

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